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Only positive words can build a positive mind. God’s Word

God’s word is the Antidote to the Negativities in human minds, that is as a result of the devils work on eàrth. Think Positively


GW🏳️ Core values: TRUTH & LOVE. (2John 1 vs 4-6): They are the keys of Righteousness by faith✨

GW🏳️vision: Winning, Restoring, Raising & Building souls and minds in the body of Christ -(Faith cometh by hearing the word of God Rom 10 :17)✨

GW🚩 Mission statement: Positivity in God for Possibilities.(If thou mayest believe, anything is possible to them that believe)✨

2020 The year of the spirit sword(The word of God)

Gems World is a platform dedicated to Soul winning. Helping Christians dominate their flesh.

Creative ideas àre born from thought process.

If your mindset isn’t right, you can’t have a right thought process. *Your mindset produces your thought process.*

Therefore the mindset is the bed rock of thoughts (Imaginations)

In life you must realize God, for your thoughts to be redirected rightly. Imagination is from your thoughts which is inspired by your Heart; That’s why it is written in Matthew 12 : 34-36✨

When someone follows his/her lust(the person has no direction); it could be as result of life challenges and issues affect his/her mentality or it could also be the level of the person’s Faith. 🚩This platform teaches you how to go beyond… and solve your problems, through the power of the mind by developing your Believe, to the point of resisting the world. Nothing hinders a man except the limitations of his mind, meaning his/her mindset. “Your Mentality Can Determine Your Capability”

Getting your mindset built in Positivity to Produce Possibilities.✨

From the word of God and by the HolySpirit GW🏳️ builds hundreds of people in positivity and Faith, given the the gospel TRUTH and teaching on fulfilling the command of God which is LOVE.

🚩Tip: Building Thought Process: The world today is controlled by the Thoughts of men and the devil capitalize on thoughts and desires through the heart; So we can say that he is after your Heart. Notice that a man runs mad, cause his thought process has been lost and that makes him mindless and senseless. Understand that what your thoughts are built on matters a lot in living… Here you will find out more about aligning your thoughts to the right direction and also redirect your thought process, whenever it losses direction.

We make *Excellence in your Faith*

What influences you determines what detects you. As a human, what you listen to, who you listen and what you watch continuously is the product of what you say and what you do in your daily living. Notice that people love to follow TREND(what is trending). GW🏳️ brings everything to ground as to the natural and supernatural; given individuals the truth of major influences that goes on around the world. We make you to understand, so you I’ll become careful of what you pick from the world.

Making Life: The nature of a man can be compromised,but never God’s nature. GW🏳️ brings the unique word of God which is as important and precious as a gemstone. The understanding of the word molds a man’s life, making him into the truth of the spirit, whereby he can stand anywhere, having the foundation of the word of God built in him.

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As a Christian, you must keep building, because the devil keeps strategizing. So do not remain constant…. Gems World is ready to help and pray for you. Get Connected with us! JESUS CHRIST is Lord for ever…